Synod and an Opportunity to Participate and Pray

Greetings from Synod! For those who don’t know (or need a slight refresher!), General Synod is the largest convening body of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Each church in our denomination is or should be represented in order to conduct the business of our church family as a whole.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Pastor Jeremiah's 1 Year Anniversary

May 1st, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of Pastor Jeremiah's time of service here at Centennial Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church.  It has been a wonderful time where the Lord has blessed and challenged our church.

Good Food, Greater Fellowship, and a Lawnmower

This last Saturday, the men of Centennial gathered for a fellowship breakfast. The food
was great and the fellowship was greater! In a roundtable discussion, the men present talked
through the strengths and weaknesses of Centennial (and other churches in the area).

God Working Wonderfully Via Websites

Hello, Centennial Family! Let’s talk about getting information “out there.” Just a little down the road from us at First Presbyterian Church Columbia, there used to be a minister who was a strong advocate of the “seven ways” rule.

CARPY Family Day

CARPY Family Day

What a wonderful time of fellowship was enjoyed by many of our CARPY Families during our CARPY Family Day this past Sunday afternoon.  We gathered around the table and enjoyed our own meals and the company and fellowship of our fellow CARPY Family Members.