Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Pastor Jeremiah's 1 Year Anniversary

May 1st, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of Pastor Jeremiah's time of service here at Centennial Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church.  It has been a wonderful time where the Lord has blessed and challenged our church.

Chili Cook Off and Bingo Night

Chili Cook Off and Bingo Night

This past Wednesday night many folks at Centennial gathered together for a friendly competition.  There were tons of chili brought by many of our members. Many people, me in particular, ate several bowls of chili each.

Caricatured Committees Create Misconception!

January 2018 is almost gone! Where did the month go? Before we get too deep into the year, I wanted to share with y’all an emphasis for this year at Centennial: committees. Oftentimes, jokes can be made about Presbyterians making committees, getting bogged down in red tape, and making another committee to deal with that!

A Path-Straightening and All-Of-Life God Who Saves

This little couplet from Proverbs 3 is one that I often think of these days. The reason for the often-ness of these verses in my life now has to do with my daughter, but it all started back when I first began attending Fayetteville (TN) ARP Church.

A New Year and A New Sermon Series

Happy New Year, Centennial Family! I hope all of you are well. This last Sunday, we found ourselves at the start of a new sermon series titled Jesus In A Lived Life: The Joseph Narrative. I would like to provide a few insights into this series for y’all’s consideration.