Wednesday night dessert

January: Sally Barker Circle
February: Mary Martha Circle
March: Morning Circle
April: Rosa Draffin Circle
May: Sally Barker Circle
September: Mary Martha Circle
October: Sally Barker Circle
November: Rosa Draffin Circle
December: Morning Circle

circle groups

  • Morning Circle
    Third Tuesday 10:00 AM in Library

  • Mary Martha Circle
    Last Tuesday 6:30 PM in Library

  • Rosa Draffin Circle
    Third Sunday 3:00 PM in Library

  • Sally Barker Circle
    Last Tuesday 6:30 PM in Parlor

Ladies bible study

Will resume on Sunday, January 28th, 2017.  They meet every Sunday from 4:00 - 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Currently starting a new eight-week Bible Study, "All Things New" from Kelly Minter going through 2 Cornithians.  There will be discussion, video teaching and of course food. Contact Julie Felker for more information.

Women of the Church

President: Carol Latimer-Finethy
Vice President: Jeannie Moody
Secretary: Kayse Jarman
Treasurer: Lissa Shine
Assistant Treasurer: Lyz Huffman
Historian: Renae Casterline




Naomi Ministry

Centennial’s Naomi Ministry provides encouragement, spiritual and emotional support for women who have experienced the grief of losing their husbands. These women walk the road of loss together, healing while never forgetting the beauty of the bond experienced with their husband. The women share a monthly luncheon and program, most often in the church fellowship hall.  The programs are casual and extremely varied but always supportive of the unique needs for this group:

  • Speakers - for example, sheriff department representative discussing safety for women; a lawyer discussing estate planning; a bank representative discussing banking security.

  • Musical programs - for example, a member of a local band playing his guitar and singing some of the golden oldies; a vocalist singing hymn favorites; a sing-along.

  • Craft times - for example, making Bible or hymn bookmarks from ribbon; sewing travel shoe bags; stringing bead necklaces for the Bonclarken gift shop.

  • High tea - “putting on our hats and white gloves” and coming together for a fancy tea luncheon.

Ample opportunities for the women to talk and share with each other, especially around the luncheon table, are integral to this ministry, creating a bond which brings comfort to these women as they come alongside each other.

**For more information about our Women's Ministry contact Lynn Grimsley or Lissa Shine