Synod and an Opportunity to Participate and Pray

Greetings from Synod! For those who don’t know (or need a slight refresher!), General Synod is the largest convening body of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Each church in our denomination is or should be represented in order to conduct the business of our church family as a whole. This ranges from requests that certain ministries be put in front of our local congregations for information and potential support to the adoption of written documents that will help lead the denomination into this next century. Will you pray for this meeting of Synod that starts today? If you have more questions regarding our form of government and why we do the things we do, shoot me a note.

Now for the opportunity to participate and pray! Inside this Postscripts, you will find the dates of our summer events—called “Thrilling Thursdays.” This format of summer events has been deliberately chosen to cater to our church. If you are curious about that last sentence, please stop by my office this summer and look at my map! If you have never been in my office, I have an absolutely giant map resting over the mantel of the fireplace. As you gaze upon the splendor of such a thing (can you tell I love maps?), you might notice some little sticker dots riddling the thing. They are placed deliberately for each individual and family unit of our church family (that’s still a work in progress because there’s a lot of you!). It is a surprise to see our “land holdings” in every corner of two counties. That’s quite a few miles to cover for us to gather together. And that’s why we have sought to provide individual events for the summer. The hope is that this would be more manageable for our church body to gather, and I mean church body! These “Thrilling Thursdays” are not just for little ones; it’s a family affair! Everyone from our church family is welcome to participate and show our younger ones that they are cherished and a real part of the church. This is a big deal! Some might even call it “Thrilling!” Okay, okay, that was cheesy, but my sentiment remains! If you have the time—children or not—please consider coming and being a part of our summer events. The more Centennial ARP Church shows her biblical and Jesus revealing love, the more we will see fruit. This is our hope for our summer events this year. Put the dates on your calendars now. Participate! And even now, please pray. May God be glorified in our church family, and may he be glorified in our endeavors this summer.


Jeremiah Thomas