God's Blessings on Centennial

Why are you a part of Centennial ARPC? What makes you come on Sundays and (hopefully!) Wednesdays? If you are serving on a committee or in some other special capacity, why do you serve here? Of course I hope we all mention the Lord’s leading in our coming to Centennial, but how did He do this for you? Would you tell me? I’d love to know! Until then, here are a few observations I’ve made in my short time at Centennial.

God has gifted Centennial with establishment. I praise God to see that this is a work of many years. And over one hundred years later we are still seeking God’s glory through worship, fellowship, and service! This is a great strength. To have this much history is wonderful! I can’t wait to read through all the minutes of our church to see where we came from, where we’ve been, and where the Lord seems to have us going.

God has gifted Centennial with a multi-generational fellowship. Babies, toddlers, children, teens, young adults, young-ish adults, middle agers, older, and oldest are all here at Centennial! I’ll leave you to decide which group you’re a part of. It’s like my grandmother always says, “Old? Never! I’m young at heart!” In all seriousness, what a beautiful strength this is, and it is one that not many churches can boast of. Praise be to God for our multi-generational fellowship!

God has gifted Centennial with places to serve. I’m starting to see all the different things that are happening at Centennial, and it’s getting me excited! What are your gifts? In all likelihood Centennial already has something set up to plug you in! Nursery, Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Women’s ministry, Music ministry, service through committees dealing with specific parts of the church, service to the people around us, leadership opportunities, and those are just off the top of my head! When you come to seek God’s glory on Sunday morning, don’t let it stop there! Consider how you might be serving this church if you haven’t already.

God has gifted Centennial with a central location. I’m starting to see that our members are located all over the greater Columbia area (and beyond!). Don’t let people say this is a weakness, though. God has blessed us with a great opportunity. Some churches have been called to specific and unique places. For instance, one church might be seeking to reach the “arts scene” in a certain city while another might be ministering to one specific suburb. Centennial is unique in that the Lord draws people from everywhere to be a part of our family! This gives us the chance for great diversity, growth of our family, and a presence for the Lord in many places at once (all starting from downtown Columbia!).

Lastly (though by no means have I covered them all), God has gifted Centennial with a desire for God’s Word. I am greatly encouraged to see and hear God’s Word proclaimed here at this church. It happens on Sunday morning during worship (through song, prayer, and preaching), but I also see it in our Sunday Schools, our Wednesday nights, and our Bible studies. My prayer is that we continue to grow and learn what God has for us in his Word, which is Jesus Christ and that Good News of him saving us!

There are so many blessings and gifts given to us by God here at Centennial. So I’ll ask it again, why are you a part of Centennial? I’m learning about this family, and it is so dynamic! I have found it to be warm, inviting, willing to learn, willing to teach, wise, and vibrant. Are we willing to be more of these things in the coming months and years? Invite others to be a part of our family! May our family grow as we share these blessings from God with the others around us.

Midweek blessings,

P.S.- Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime. My goal is to serve, equip, and help you in any way. And I was being serious, let me know why you were drawn by God to Centennial. I want to maximize our strengths in the Lord!