Installation Information

Hello, Centennial!  I would like to personally invite you to the installation service happening this coming Sunday, May 21st at 5 PM.  Can you make it?  If you can please do!  Let me tell you a little about the service, and how you can be praying in the days leading up to it.

What is an installation service?  Put simply, it is a worship service where we publicly affirm our relationship of minister and congregation.  It is a meeting of Presbytery, which is the next “level” up from our local church ruling body, the Session.  This is because we are formally “letting the world know” about our relationship.  Most importantly, it is a worship service.  This is a time where we can praise God for His providence and provision in the life of our church!

Our Form of Government requires these questions be asked of me.  They are as follows:

1) Do you accept the office of pastor of the congregation, and do you promise to perform faithfully all the duties of this office, both public and private, to the best of your ability as you are led by the Holy Spirit? And

2)  Do you make these promises in the presence of Him to Whom you must ultimately give an account?

Then y’all (Centennial church members) will be asked this question:

1)  Do you, the members of this congregation, now acknowledge and receive Jeremiah Thomas as your pastor, and do you promise to give him all the honor, obedience, encouragement, cooperation, and support in the spirit of love to which this office entitles him and as you promised him in the call?

As you pray through your answer to this question, I leave you with these thoughts:

Acknowledge and receive me not for who I am in myself but for who I am in Jesus Christ.  I deserve no reception except by the grace of God.  Promise me honor in seeking to proclaim Jesus Christ, for I seek only Jesus’ honor.  Promise me obedience only in heeding the Word of God which I proclaim.  Promise me encouragement only in the Lord and for His glory.  Promise me cooperation in allowing me to serve and equip each of you for the work of the kingdom.  Lastly, promise to give me support as a sinner in need of the fellowship of the saints.  “He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30).

I am utterly humbled to serve each of you.  On Sunday night, may we publicly affirm that which we have begun, the continued work of ministry at Centennial ARP Church, and all for our God’s glory. 

Midweek blessings to you all,