The Big Ole' Red-Dotted Map

So, I have a map in my office. For those of you who have not stopped by (shame on you, by the way!), it sits on the mantel over the fireplace. Some have called it large, but I prefer to call it the perfect fit. It is perfect because I only had to trim the edges a little bit to gently force it in between the ceiling and the mantel. When you visit my office, and as you gaze upon the splendor of such a perfectly fitting map, you might notice red dots sprinkled across the greater Richland county area. These red dots are markers for all the individuals and family units in our church! I set out on this task for a couple reasons: 1) prayer and 2) confirmation.

First, I can pray better for Centennial when I can see her represented like she is on the map. There are so many red dots! And though I haven’t memorized where everybody’s houses are, I have a general idea. This visual reminder in my office brings y’all to the forefront of my mind as I seek to serve Centennial. I know that while I am seeking to be diligent in my calling as minister, businessmen and businesswomen, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, moms and dads, those who are retired, and everyone else are seeking to be diligent in their callings, too. I am stirred to pray. And even as I am stirred into such remembrance, I am stirred to go about business that will benefit Christ’s body represented at Centennial.

Second, there is confirmation in seeing the map. At Centennial, we represent all corners of the greater Richland county area. Irmo, Seven Oaks, Oak Grove, Springdale, Red Bank, Congaree, Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes, Sand hills, Chapin, St. Andrews, Lexington, Downtown, Blythewood, and so on. We are certainly spread out. Many Centennial members are driving ~30ish minutes to come to church. And this is confirmation for how we do church. There are always decisions that need to be made regarding the life of the church. How many times will we meet, what do the meetings look like, and when will they be? At Centennial, there are two primary gathering points: Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Sunday mornings offer a time to gather with everyone in Family Gathering Time, a time to gather with a more intimate smaller group during our Sunday School hour, worship together after that, and then brief (due to heat!) fellowship after worship. Wednesday night provides the midweek “come if you can” gathering for everyone around a meal and God’s Word. It’s the other “everyone come” moment for those who can make it.

Those are the two biggies, which then allow for the choice of smaller gatherings that fit schedule and desire (women’s Bible study, women’s Circles, Men’s Bible study, Youth on Sunday Nights, Saturday morning soup kitchen, committee service, Sunday School extra-curricular gatherings, choir for all ages, and on and on).

Centennial is a unique fellowship for so many reasons, but one of them is our “spread.” And this isn’t a weakness. It simply is. As we continue to grow, as we continue to pray, may God continue to confirm our path as we seek to glorify him in all that we do! God is good, and he has greatly blessed this big ole’ red-dotted map!  Blessings,