Sunday School at Centennial

Centennial offers many opportunities for all ages for Christian education and fellowship. Take a look at the classes that we offer and see where you fit in.

Sunday School Superintendent: Jeannie Moody


Sojourners class

Meets in the Ladies' Parlor on the 2nd floor of the Sanctuary building and is led by Rex Casterline. Class members are encouraged to participate in the discussions as they make their way through the Bible. All ages are welcome!

Sunday School Presbyterian Church

Men's Bible Class

The Men's Bible class is a group of men devoted to studying and discussing God's Word every Sabbath morning. Currently using The Quarterly as our guide, willing members share teaching responsibilities. The class meets in the John Bigham classroom behind the choir loft. Singing two Bible Psalms each morning is a long-held tradition.

Unity Edwards Class

One of our longest-meeting Sunday School classes, Unity Edwards began as a group committed to personal and interpersonal spiritual growth and has evolved over time into a foundation of faith and spiritual example for the church’s membership.  The Unity Edwards class values prayer, regularly interceding and encouraging. Spiritual growth is facilitated through Bible study and the traditional ARP Quarterly Series.  Visitors or new class members are always warmly welcomed into this group.


The Agape Class meets in the Fellowship Hall and is a mixed age Sunday School class, which includes adults from college age to middle age, married and single.  While the curriculum is usually the ARP Quarterly, occasionally the class has enjoyed video series by Dr. R. C. Sproul and special Advent studies.  The class is taught by Dan Felker. 

New Covenant Class

Our young adult class, focuses on growing spiritually and encouraging one another. Through open and meaningful discussion based on Scripture, they intentionally look for application within their daily lives as they build relationships and accountability to better serve our Lord. There is no set curriculum for this class, they go through a book of the Bible at a time.  Currently going through the book of Revelation.  The class is taught by Andy Anderson.


Columbia SC Presbyterian Church Preschool Class

Preschool (Toddlers)

The Toddler Sunday School class meets in the Nursery Building behind the Sanctuary building. We currently have a team of three leading our youngest members: Renae Casterline, Meg Duncan, and Kayse Jarman. Our curriculum is Bible-in-Life by David C. Cook. Since we are still learning through play at 2 and 3 years old, you will find this class full of all sorts of activity! Painting, coloring, dress up, and Play-Doh are some of our favorites.

K5 - 2nd Grade

Meets on the 3rd floor of the Sanctuary building in the left side room at the end of the hall. Bible-in-Life is the curriculum taught by Julie Felker and Amy Whitfield. Lessons include a Bible story, craft, and take-home paper. Teachers plan extra activities that are relevant to the lesson on special occasions and Christian holidays. 

Columbia SC Presbyterian Church Early Education Class

Columbia SC Presbyterian Church Upper Elementary Class

3rd - 5th Grade

Meets on the 3rd floor in the Sanctuary building in the right side room at the end of the hallway. Re-named the Jr. Agape Class by former and present class members, we make our way through all 66 books of the Bible using the Route 66 (Carson-Delosa publishers) study book as our guide. The focus in this class is learning our way through the Bible although we do interrupt the curriculum to study Easter and Christmas during those seasons.

Middle School

Meets on the 3rd floor in the first room on the right as you enter the hallway. Led by Swain Whitfield and Stephen Roddey, their curriculum is by David C. Cook as well. Junior High students are currently in the 6th-8th grades. The atmosphere is relaxed, and our teachers make a tremendous effort to teach Bible lessons with a life application that the children can use everyday.

Columbia SC Presbyterian Church Middle School Class

High School

Meets in the first room on the left as you enter the hallway on the 3rd floor in the Sanctuary building. Mike Duncan and Guy Castles, III, are our teachers, and the current curriculum is David C. Cook. Ninth through 12th graders are taught from the Bible with the curriculum as a guide.

Communicants Class

Meets for 6 weeks in the spring only in the classroom in the basement next to the library. Our teacher is Jeannie Moody. Our communicants class is for children at least in 5th grade who are interested in joining the church. Jeannie teaches through our own curriculum which helps the children understand the distinctive's of Christianity, the ARP Church and our church.