A Promised Coming

From the very beginning of our need for a savior (which you can find in Genesis 3), God promised one (the serpent stomper in that same chapter). Jesus himself told us in Luke 24 that all the Scriptures point directly to him.

Summing up Synod

This last week I had the privilege of heading up to Bonclarken for our denomination’s 213th meeting of General Synod.  If you don’t know where Bonclarken is, it’s in the mountains near Flat Rock, NC, which—if you’re wondering—is much cooler than Columbia, SC!  Also, Synod is the largest body in our denomination (consisting of all the churches in the ARPC)...

Why are you Presbyterian?

Hello, Centennial. Next week, Andy Bair and I will attend our denomination’s General Synod. This is where the entirety of our denomination’s ministers (along with a ruling elder from each church) come together to conduct business and address issues together...