An Enemy In Our Midst

The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away.
— Psalm 1:4

It happened so fast. There we were, walking through the Riverbanks Botanical Garden. It

was early evening and cloudy. The flowers were beautiful. The trees vibrant. It was Spring.

Everything seemed so normal. But that’s when we saw it: an enemy in our midst. Among the

garden flowers stood a towering colossus of a monster—a thistle! The problem was that it was

placed there on purpose! For years and years, Rebekah and her two brothers received the

honor of protecting the farm from thistles, and now she came across this monstrosity. What

was she to do?

It’s like my father-in-law says (or, at least, I imagine him saying),

“A well-manicured thistle is still a weed.”

P.S.- We just kept walking.