CARPY Family Day

What a wonderful time of fellowship was enjoyed by many of our CARPY Families during our CARPY Family Day this past Sunday afternoon.  We gathered around the table and enjoyed our own meals and the company and fellowship of our fellow CARPY Family Members. 

We then played a few games together and shared lots of laughs at some of the responses and answers. We played a game called "The Parental Game" a spin-off of the old hit TV Game Show "The Newlywed Game."  The Wolff family came away victorious in that game.

After playing The Parental Game we played a game, I'm not entirely sure of the name of, let's go with "One Word at a time Storytelling."  The parents faced off vs. CARPY to come up with the most creative story where they would be lined up one by one and one word at a time tell a story based on a topic that was given to them. After one round we broke them into smaller groups. Needless to say, the stories were more crisp at that point.

We look forward to hosting more CARPY Family Days in the future! Feel free to crash our Family Day cause we are one big church family!  If you take a look at some of the pictures below, I know you will want to crash our next one!