Chili Cook Off and Bingo Night

This past Wednesday night many folks at Centennial gathered together for a friendly competition.  There were tons of chili brought by many of our members. Many people, me in particular, ate several bowls of chili each.  After tasting all of the different chilies our three judges determined that Rod Wolff's chili was the best and he won the gift card to Chili's.

On top of all that fun, we all enjoyed a great time playing bingo together.  There were prizes for all the winners that were donated by our members.

What a great time of fellowship and fun for our whole church family of all ages! That is one of the greatest things about our church family.  We are an inter-generational church with people of all ages who love to interact with each other and fellowship together.  Check out our calendar to see other events and happenings within our church family and come visit one Sunday morning.