Shoulda' Coulda' Woulda'

Midweek greetings, Centennial Family. This is a “Postscripts” from Grace Presbyterian that I wrote on October 5, 2016. Whenever I see or think about the young man who told me this story, I always link it with this article I wrote. I saw a picture of him on Facebook, and now I can’t get the rascal out of my head. Find the article below:

I’d like to share a story a recent college grad shared with me. This story came in the midst of a meeting where I asked him how a trip had gone. This was his reply:

The trip went great, man! We [he and his parents] were at the airport coming home, and I saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. It was crazy because she actually looked at me a few times from across the waiting area where we were sitting to board our plane. It was obvious that there was something between us—some connection—because we kept playing this game of making eye contact while people-watching or having other conversations or whatever. I knew she was getting on the same plane when I saw her check in for the same flight as me…

At this point, I said something along the lines of go on, anticipating a meeting where they awkwardly (but also adorably) exchange names in a wonderful romantic comedy movie-esque come to life. His reply:

What do you mean, “go on”? That was it. We smiled at one another as we boarded the plane, I went to my seat, and we made it home safely. I wanted to introduce myself. I really did…

I was so utterly disappointed by his ending to the story that I interrupted him and demanded the truth. Seriously, what was her name? Was she from Columbia or just traveling there? How can you speak of her so glowingly? How is that your summation of a great trip? But it was the truth. That was the ending.

In all the awkward hilarity of that story, I find myself resonating with it. It’s the shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’ moments of our lives in beautiful summation. Is there a lesson to all this? Here’s one. First, think about the shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’ moments for us when it comes to inviting people to church. I’m not talking about articulating the Gospel in a moment of evangelism. I’m talking about a simple invite to something that we love to do: meet as a family on Sunday mornings and glorify our God. Second, remember the moment has not necessarily passed. You have a cell phone with texting capability, Facebook with messaging capability, and in all likelihood another opportunity when you will see that person again. You’d be surprised at what a simple introduction or invite can do in the hands of an almighty God.

I can’t wait to hear y’all’s stories—awkward endings and all. Blessings,