Horizon 2017 Recap


This years Horizon High School conference was from June 19th - June 24th. The speaker for the week was Rev. Derek Wells the Pastor of Discipleship and Family Ministries at Greenville ARP Church. The theme for the week is "Your life, God's Promises" and the theme verse is Jeremiah 31:33.  The Crossings Community Worship band led worship again.  

Below you will find a recap of each day with pictures and video documenting our time.

Day One

We met at the church around 1:30 and Rev. Jeremiah sent us off with prayer.  We registered and unpacked into our lodging, the girls in Faith Apartments 6 and the boys in Faith 5. We hung out for a little while before we headed down for dinner. At 7:00 the service started and up first was the up front game. Sam Moody valiantly competed against eight other high schoolers from other churches and finished in 2nd place.  After a skit and worship Rev. Derek Wells gave his lesson. After the service there was a concert at the amphitheater along with funnel cakes and dip-n-dots. We then went back to our place to share family time together where we sang songs and talked about the lesson and went over the plans for the week. Then it was bed time. 

Day Two

Day two began with breakfast in the dining hall. From there we went to the YAB for worship and devotions. After devotions were the seminars. We had one group go to the seminar "The Search for Satisfaction" with Brian Land leading and another group go to the seminar "Faith and Science" led by Matt Lucas.  We then ate lunch and chilled out at the apartment for a little bit together. The girls took a nap and then the boys all left to play basketball in the old gym. After napping the girls made friendship bracelets. The boys went to do the color run after basketball. After showers, we went down to the YAB for a pizza party. At 7:00 PM we had our evening worship service. Mattie Felker was volunteered to be in the upfront skit by Ryan. With an unamused face towards Ryan she went up and did a great job! After the evening service we went to the playground for family time before heading back to the YAB for trivia night. The four girls formed one team and the four boys formed another. Though they acquitted themselves nicely, they didn't finish in the top three of the students. Once we finished with the trivia night we all went for a midnight run to Waffle House for waffles and hash browns. 

Day Three  

After breakfast we went down to worship where we sang songs and had a time for devotions. From there the kids went to seminars. One group went to the seminar "Friend" led by Matt Carr and another went to Brian Land's "The Search for Satisfaction." We then headed off campus to downtown Hendersonville where the kids went to their favorite spot: Mast General Store for candy and soda and then to Kilwins for ice cream. Once we returned back to Bonclarken, Sam went to play paintball while the other boys played some more basketball.  The girls decided to take a 30 minute nap before they went to crafts, however, they slept through their alarms and had a long nap. We had dinner before heading back to worship. After the worship service we had a great family time going over the week and what they've learned and struggled with. 

Day Four

During our morning Worship service Jamie participated in the upfront game by competing against seven other students to spell the longest word while grabbing letters from the many students/leaders in the crowd. Jamie won by a landslide after grabbing the letters to spell umbrellas. After singing the students did their devotions for Thursday and then went to their Seminars. They all went to Brian Land's seminar "The Gospel in Real Time." During the seminars Ryan and Elisa met with Rev. Jeremiah and Rebekah for coffee at the Flat Rock Village Bakery.  Jeremiah came up to visit with Rebekah and our youth.  Today's afternoon activities were meant to be for off-campus time with your church family.  Our initial plan was to head over to Hooker Falls to swim in the swimming hole there. However, the rain changed our plans. We discussed a rain-out plan and were able to sign up for an escape room in Asheville. The boys and girls competed in trying to get out and escape from the room by solving clues, riddles and working together as a team. Though neither of us made it out, the girls were farther along than the boys.  Once we got back to Bonclarken we hung out at the apartments together playing games and talking. We had dinner away from Bonclarken at the Flat Rock Wood Room with Jeremiah, Rebekah and Mary Emmaline. After dinner we headed back to Bonclarken for the evening service.  I volunteered Daniel for the upfront game and instantly regretted that decision as the game involved the student picking a leader to be in the game as well. And sad to say, Ryan was the weak link representing Centennial in the game.  After the evening service was the much anticipated Leaders vs. Students Dodgeball game in the old gym.  40 leaders faced off against 350 students. It is always a favorite time of the week for the students AND leaders.


Day Five

The last day of the conference began with breakfast and then the morning service and Friday morning devotions. After that the students all went to their seminars. The girls went to the seminar "You Can Pray" led by Clint Davis. The guys went to the seminar "Boys to Men" led by Matt Lucas. After lunch we all went down to one of the most anticipated events of the whole week, the Sludge War.  There was flour flying, water balloons soaring, shaving cream smearing and diaper crystals slung all over the field.  So much fun! From there some went to take showers while Sam and James slid down the super slide.  Sam participated in flag football. After everyone had time to shower many went to tie dye some shirts and socks. After dinner we had the evening service with the big skit finale which had everyone rolling around laughing so hard. Some were crying because of the laughter. Derek Wells concluded his talks and we had our final Family Time together to discuss what the kids have learned and been challenged by.

Horizon 2017 Video