Centennial ARP Church Goes Caroling

It's a beautiful time of the year as we await the return of our Savior. This Christmas season we often look back and think of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords who humbled Himself by coming down, being born in a lowly manger.  The truth of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on our behalf leads us to sing joyous songs of praises to our God. 

This past Sunday many of our children and adults drove out to visit some of our shut-ins to sing some Christmas Carols to them, carols that speak of Jesus Christ coming down to save us. 

Caroling, Fellowship, and Snacks

Shortly after the church service ended on Sunday we packed the bus and a few other cars and headed off to Cookout to enjoy some fried and greasy food together. Once we left we visited with and sang carols to Charlie Sanders, John McKeown, Dot Perry and Christine Setzer. They certainly enjoyed the time that was spent with them from our great group of carolers of all ages.  

After caroling, we drove on over to David and Kara Stevens' house to enjoy a time of snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate. What a great time together! If you haven't joined us for caroling before, you are missing out! Plan to join us next year, you won't regret it! Take a look at some of the pictures from our time caroling