CARPY Christmas Party

On Friday, December 16th, the Centennial ARP Youth "CARPY" had their annual Christmas Party.  We had a great turnout! The party consisted of two big activities. First, a City-Wide Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt and second, a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

City-Wide Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt

The kids participated in a City-Wide Photo/Video Scavenger hunt. We had four different teams who competed in the scavenger hunt.  Our four teams were driven around Columbia by four tremendous drivers and leaders: Rebecca Nesbit, Rev. Jeremiah Thomas, Jennifer Wolff and Jan Nobles. A BIG thank you to those drivers as they sacrificed their time to help serve and make the scavenger hunt happen! They drove around Columbia finding certain objects, performing certain acts, and doing all sorts of random activities all the while taking photos and videos of them doing those acts and texting them to Ryan. Each photo that was taken had to include a team Item. For Example, Rebecca Nesbit's team had a Foam Finger and Jan Nobles Team had a snowman. The last thing that each team did was to pick up the Pizza from Pizza Hut so that we could have dinner.

At the end of the party, we all laughed at and enjoyed watching the slideshow of the photos and videos from each team's hunt. 

There was a lot of smack talk between the teams prior to departing for the hunt. But in the end the winning team this year was Team Rebecca Nesbit and the High School Girls.  They cruised on in to first place with some room to spare. Congratulations to Rebecca Nesbit, Mattie Felker, and Emma Whitfield! Take a look at some of the photos from the scavenger hunt:

White Elephant Gift Exchange

After eating all of CARPY participated in a White Elephant Gift Exchange. A consistent theme for the gifts ended up being desktop games as Rev. Jeremiah ended up with a desktop bowling set, Ryan ended up with a desktop cornhole set and Jamie ended up with a headband basketball game. If you want to meet with Jeremiah during the week, be prepared as he might challenge you to play a game of bowling.  The gift that was stolen the most was a giant slinky!

What a fun time of fellowship, teamwork, and competition for CARPY.  Can't wait for next year to see what other crazy things that Ryan will come up with for CARPY to do in the scavenger hunt.  If you want to be a driver for next years scavenger hunt, please don't hesitate to contact Ryan.