Summer Opportunities for Ordinary Care

Summer greetings, Centennial! Not only has the season officially changed but the flow of our church family has, too. I’m sure you’ve felt it in one of two ways (or both!). Do any of these thoughts fit your own?

God's Blessing on Centennial

Four things came together to form this Postscripts article: two sermons and two situations. The first sermon was preached at General Synod in the beginning week of this month. The Gospel was proclaimed by a fellow seminary grad of mine from the Scripture of Nehemiah 4, where the returned Jewish exiles were rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.

Synod and an Opportunity to Participate and Pray

Greetings from Synod! For those who don’t know (or need a slight refresher!), General Synod is the largest convening body of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Each church in our denomination is or should be represented in order to conduct the business of our church family as a whole.

More Than Mama's Southern Hospitality

These verses cover every chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Can you feel the depth of connection being expressed? The words in brackets are translated slightly different for the English reader’s benefit, but the root remains the same: koinonia (partnership, fellowship, participation).

Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Pastor Jeremiah's 1 Year Anniversary

May 1st, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of Pastor Jeremiah's time of service here at Centennial Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church.  It has been a wonderful time where the Lord has blessed and challenged our church.